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ASR is the right choice to provide the right solution for your company. Our clients praise our approach and we will work hard to cultivate a close relationship with you and your staff to get the job done. We can assist with any hardware, software or management project. ASR wants to be your IT partner and we want to earn your business every day. Our philosophy is simple: ASR rewards our clients through the Value of Service.

Are you getting the hands-on service you deserve?
Save Client on Hardware Maintenance Charges

ASR developed a plan to help two clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars in monthly maintenance charges on hardware peripherals: monitors, printers and related connective devices. A national Transportation company and Manufacturing firm employed these services to manage a depot maintenance program for their IBM hardware devices. We prepared, stored and shipped commonly used items to each of these clients on a “per need basis” when a failure in the field occurred. Our warehouse facility and tech center located in Duluth, GA served as the depot site. Upon receiving a call from the Help Desk, we could have a replacement ready to ship within an hour… greatly reducing the user’s down time drastically.
Prepare and Ship New Media Feed Devices to 125 Locations

ASR created a system to serve as a consolidation point for many items being shipped to different sites for a national upscale Retailer. We brought in CISCO routers, CAT5 cables, switches and displays to our site to redeploy to over 125+ locations. ASR consolidated the items for each store, provided detailed instructions for installation (with Help Desk support) and sent one package to each of these locations. Again, more hands on service and extremely satisfied clients.
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