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Optimizing the Value of IT Assets

Business Challenge
Every successful organization needs to deliver high-quality IT services which meet agreed-upon service levels (SLA’s) and have the ability to adapt quickly to changes in your business environment. The goal is to obtain maximum value from its IT assets for the highest possible Return on Investment (ROI). It presents you with the challenge of economically balancing priorities whereby you maximize your day-to-day IT service support and delivery. Effective asset management is a valuable tool which contains detailed data about your current assets, their location, their technology role, their cost, and how they support your business.

Business Needs

Identify, Track, and Prioritize corporate assets that are considered mission-critical assets for business continuity planning.

Distinguish which infrastructure or network assets are currently in use, how often they are used, and which are more prone to problems. Is obsolescence necessary?

Manage Software Compliance to prevent over-purchasing or non-compliance.

Manage Contracts to avoid penalties or duplicate payments for assets that are retired or contracts that have expired.

ASR’s Asset Advisor

Companies using ASR’s Asset Advisor Management System benefit from comprehensive asset information in order to execute an effective asset management strategy. Asset Advisor Management tracks your assets with their configurations in each step of the lifecycle process. It gives you a single integrated view of your non-performing equipment environment thereby allowing you to redistribute, recycle or dispose of these assets before they lose their value. Therefore, Asset Advisor allows you the ability to align deployed and non deployed assets with enterprise and business requirements, resulting in increased organizational productivity and higher return on asset investment.

A valuable benefit of using ASR’s Asset Advisor Management system is derived from our ability to assist in the following services whereby our client’s receive the benefit of industry knowledge.
  • End of Lease Returns – ASR will collect, audit, remove data, and prepare the equipment for return to the lessor as described in your lease documentation. We will help you procure any missing equipment to satisfy your lease requirements.
  • MAC’s – ASR will secure for you trained technical expertise to assist in short term projects.
  • Fair Market Valuations – ASR will tell you what your current equipment is worth on the used market.
  • Life Cycle Solutions – ASR can assist you in procurement to use to retirement of your IT assets.
  • Refurbishing and Resale – ASR can prepare and market your equipment and sometimes recoup some value for your asset. Often, the proceeds from the sale of older equipment can go back into your IT budget.
  • Donations of Equipment to Charities and Schools – ASR has found this to be a simple and effective way to dispose of some assets allowing you to take advantage of tax credits and helping others in the community.
  • Brokerage Services – ASR can market certain surplus technologies for you.

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