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ASR’s Pledge to Be Earth Friendly

ASR believes that not only individuals but companies must make a concerted effort to be environmental conscious. ASR participates in many recycle programs whereby we combine our efforts with other companies to make a difference. We are committed to the highest standards of environmental and ecological sustainability in our industry.

The Principles ASR follows are:
  • No parts or components are deposited into normal dumpsters.
  • No shipment of parts or components to developing countries unless they are to be used in verifiable system replacements.
  • Adherence to environmental and worker safety management.
  • Regular testing and audits to ensure compliance with EPA guidelines.
  • Support efforts to encourage producers to make their products less toxic.
  • We only partner with reclamation companies that provide certificate of destruction for each and every system, component or card.
  • Offer local drop off to the public for recycling of electronic devices.
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