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One of the most unplanned aspects of any company’s business model is how to move equipment (large and small) from one location or site to another. This happens as the result of consolidations, closings or facility moves. This is usually an after thought that has to be performed at the last minute. Industry studies have shown this to be a costly endeavor because no planning or investigation was performed.

ASR now offers national and local packaging / logistical services whereby we can move equipment from one site to another for you. ASR will consolidate, pack, transport and install at your new location via our managed services.

Collection & Packaging Services

Cart exchange program and on-site removal is worry free. Simply, load the ASR provided cart and we will transport to the new location or ASR will bring the cart to our facility, package, and ship to the address designated by you.

Nationwide Logistics Network

ASR has partnerships with an affiliated network of transportation providers to accommodate local, national, and international shipping requirements.

Reduced Handling Costs

ASR’s efficient and cost-effective technical personnel are trained in the what, where and why’s of corporate movement.

Timely Removal to Avoid Warehousing Costs

Save space for more productive assets.
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