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Phone Systems, PBX and Voice Mail

ASR supplies new and refurbished (with warranty) Telecom equipment to our clients as an add-on value. We offer installation / programming services for PBX, Phone Systems and Voice Mail. For all of your voice requirements, even down to individual phones, ASR is your clear choice.

The following manufacturers are represented by ASR:
  • Paradyne
  • Hitachi
  • Lucent
  • Kentrox
  • Panasonic
  • Avaya
  • Northern Telecom
  • Comdial
  • ROLM
  • Norstar
  • Toshiba
  • AT&T
  • Vodavi
  • Dialogic
  • Samsung
  • Fujitsu
  • VoyiSys
  • Nortel
ASR has an extensive network of Telecom vendors at our fingertips giving you the edge when searching for voice related equipment and services. ASR can assist you in configuring a new, small office or adding a new department to your existing system. Often, most value is found with refurbished equipment with a replacement warranty. Savings can surpass 50% or more of list price! We would be happy to compare pricing and options with you, on request. Our Telecom engineers can easily make service calls to your site(s) for configuring and repairs within hours of your initial service call. Ensuring your voice and voice mail “up” are critical in today’s business. ASR will provide technicians to pull, test and terminate cables….both voice and data.

Computer Telephony Solutions are a valuable tool to increase productivity and efficiency in a Call Center or Customer Service Department. This "link" between the phone system and the computer database allows the client to customize his operation for maximum results. ASR offers Computer Telephony Solutions for: PC (NT) based systems, IBM AS/400 or iSeries400 systems and Linux based systems. Building a system with Inbound and Outbound calling features can offer your clients better service while making your organization more competitive with larger ones.
Some of the features available are:
  • ACD - Automatic Call Distribution - ACD quickly distributes incoming calls to the next available agent in those high volume inbound centers.
  • ANI - Automatic Number Identification - ANI reads the incoming call number and sends a screen pop to the agent with that client's information from the database. This feature enhances ACD dramatically.
  • IVR - Interactive Voice Response - IVR gives inbound calling clients a menu option using the touch-tone buttons on their phone to: request a catalog, find a location near them by zip code, select: privileged data from their accounts (account balance, last payment made, make a payment...more.)
  • PD - Power or Predictive Dialing - PD gives outbound calling centers amazing increases in productivity. More calls equate to more successful contacts. Reduce your agent downtime between calls.
  • Reporting - Measure the productivity of your center by comparing and evaluating statistics such as: average length of call, time between calls, agent productivity, campaign results and more!
Call ASR for an evaluation of your current situation and allow us to tailor a computer telephony solution for you.

Noble Systems - ATOMS - This award winning Linux based call center automation system, is a fully open, highly customizable and scalable technology platform. Robust functionality within ATOMS empowers clients to design sophisticated campaigns without programming, leverage real-time decision making tools, achieve ultimate agent productivity, increase agent retention and maximize overall campaign performance and results.

Digisoft - Telescript - Call Center Management Software - Uses inbound/outbound call features to dramatically increase agent productivity. Real-time reporting, ease of integration and flexibility makes Telescript the leader in PC based systems.

The NEXAS predictive dialing system utilizes Positive Voice Detection (PVD), which greatly increases agent productivity over other predictive dialers by passing more "live" contacts to your agents. The NEXAS predictive and outbound system comes complete with campaign & scripting software, and real-time statistical and historical analysis. With perhaps the fastest predictive call transfer on the market, the NEXAS system can also screen pop to any display device connected to the AS/400, including PC's, workstations, etc.

The NEXAS IVR system is capable of both inbound and outbound IVR. It contains a complete API set which allows your programmers to quickly add IVR functions. The NEXAS IVR system also comes with a voice file recorder, which enables you to record your own custom files and menus. The NEXAS IVR system can also speak proper names, addresses, etc., with its text-to-speech capability.

The NEXAS inbound system can receive the phone number of the caller, perform a database lookup, and then route the caller to the appropriate person or group in your business. The inbound system can also work in harmony with the predictive dialing system in "blended" mode, where agents can be passed both predictive calls as well as inbound calls. This greatly improves your agent's productivity, as you do not have to dedicate a certain number of agents to only handle inbound calls.

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