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ASR IT Equipment Leasing

It is no secret that corporations of all sizes can often reap significant financial and risk management benefits when considering financial options such as leasing versus purchasing for business-critical information systems. Today’s tough economy is driving information executives to demonstrate that their IT investments are prudent and will pay a measurable return, often within a short window of time.

Companies simply cannot afford to spend blindly on technology, yet they still must spend wisely to meet the growing needs of their business organizations. IT financial considerations are also being driven by the “technology curve. ” For example, if a company plans to have an IT system in place for just two or three years before replacing it, they can often manage that time frame more effectively by leasing instead of purchasing.

Finally, extensive consolidation is reshaping virtually every industry and market in the global economy. After the headlines of a merger or acquisition have faded, there remains the tough job of consolidating many different corporate functions-including redundant data centers.

ASR offers innovative leasing technology options for added flexibility in today’s economy:
  • Match Payments to Cash Flow
  • Deferred Payments
  • Quarterly Takedowns
  • Co-Terminous Leases
  • Early-Out Options
  • Step Payments
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