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Information technology continues to revolutionize business almost on a daily basis. How quickly it is changing and the type of impact it has on your business model can be extremely expensive if you do not have a consultant that can advise you of the direction you need to take. ASR can provide to your company the qualified candidate with the correct skill sets to ensure the success of your project.
ASR helps you:
  • Successfully manage IT projects
  • Improve project management quality
  • Define IT opportunities in business terms
  • Develop IT strategies to deliver business value
  • Maximize your return on your IT investment

This is accomplished by providing the level of experience and expertise it takes to effectively assess, design, implement and manage technology and continuously improve various types of IT operations. ASR leverages best practices and time-tested methodologies to assure that you gain the most value.
Whether you require short term help or long term help, ASR can provide the following skills:
  • Lotus Notes
  • eCommerce
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C++
  • Vitria
  • WEB Seer
  • Testers/QA
  • SAP
  • DB2
  • JAVA
  • ActiveX
  • IBM Mainframe
  • Small Talk
  • Oracle
  • Linux
  • Mercator
  • Crystal Reports
  • .NET
  • MPT
  • HTML
  • Siebel
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